Enduro bike shop

Our beginnings date back to 2001 when we opened the Enduro bike shop in the centre of Prevalje. Over the years we acquired the best bicycle brands, which we are especially proud of. We offer bicycles as well as cycling equipment that will satisfy even the most demanding cyclists.

We offer the largest selection of bicycles and cycling equipment in the Koroška region. In our shop we advise, assemble and sell bicycles and cycling equipment for children, beginners as well as for competition-oriented cyclists.

In 2019, we expanded our sales program with a new, larger store in Ravne na Koroškem. We added leading brands for mountaineering, hiking, ski touring, and running.

We will take time for each of you and will be happy to help you with decisions and purchases

Bicycle service repair

In our service workshop, we repair bicycles of all brands. Services are performed by technically savvy staff. Our service technicians regularly attend technical seminars and are always up to date with the latest methods. We are the official repairer of the leading manufacturers of SRAM and Shimano components.

With the rise of electric bicycles, we have acquired services for leading manufacturers of electric powertrains, such as Bosch, Specialized, Shimano, and Giant-Yamaha. Our philosophy is knowledge, professionalism, professionalism of service, and a friendly environment in the store.

Riding and servicing bikes is not just our job, it is our passion. Visit us and see for yourself why we are the highest quality, fastest, and most reliable service in this part of Slovenia.

The Enduro team

Tehnologije Cannondale

Tehnologije Cannondale

Cannondale temelji na visokotehnoloških rešitvah ter nenehnem iskanju boljših voznih lastnosti. V občutkih vožnje boste lahko uživali le, ko boste svoje kolo Cannondale zapeljali na cesto ali teren, ključne tehnologije...

Kako izberemo kolesarske öevlje

Kako izberemo kolesarske čevlje

Kolesarimo seveda lahko v kakršnikoli obutvi, vendar pa nam kolesarski čevlji lahko kolesarjenje močno olajšajo. Vsak, ki redno kolesari, bi zato moral razmisliti o njihovem nakupu. Kolesarski čevlji so namreč oblikovani...

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